The Comfort of Masonry Heat Storage Fireplaces
by Mark Twain
The slowness of one section of the world about adopting the valuable ideas of another section of it is a curious thing and unaccountable.  This form of stupidity is confined to no community, to no nation; it is universal. The fact is the human race is not only slow about borrowing valuable ideas-- it sometimes persists in not borrowing them at all.
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The Comfort of Masonry Heat Storage Fireplaces
Tulikivi Gallery
Masonry Heaters from Europe
The ultimate for comfort, warmth, beauty, efficiency, and even cooking. Masonry heat storage fireplaces work by using a hot fire to heat a considerable mass. This masonry mass radiates heat gently for 12-24 hours long after the fire is out. The tradition is centuries old and is the cleanest and most efficient way to turn wood into usable energy for heating and baking. N Some models are dual fuel: electric and wood. Electricity (during off-peak demand) can be used to heat the thermal mass. We specialize designing and building Tulikivi from Finland. We install Tulikivi in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Iowa, and North and South Dakota.
How It Works
The Contra-flow Principle
1. Wood burns quickly in the firebox with high flue gas temperatures, the burning gases pass up through the throat of the fireplace.
2. The flue gases are then guided out and down into the side channels, where the heat is retained by the exterior and interior stones before passing into the chimney.
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Models in stock
LLU1250 - Combo with Bakeoven And Cook Stove, &
Flat Grate Combustion Chamber        $10,850

KTLU2050/1 -  Base Vent Arch Door        $12,100

TLU2000/91 - Base Vent        $11,990

TLU2450/1 - Rock Face Fp Oven        $14,990

TTU2700/5 - Whirl Box Top Vent, see-thru, w/ oven        $14,990

TU2200T - Top Vent        $7,990