The LoFerno is the latest thing in Patio Firepits.  Its patented firetower design provides more warmth from the same amount of wood and an exciting visual display of flame dancing through the decorative openings.  The firetower section sits freely inside the firebowl and can be easily removed with the handles at the top.  The patented firetower section of the LoFerno is designed to hold wood upright, which makes for a cleaner burn and helps radiate more heat.  Since the critical mass of the fire is held above the rim of the firebowl you and your friends can enjoy its full warmth and excitement.
Circular openings in the bottom of the firetower make it easy to start a fire with only a little bit of paper or straw and minimal kindling.
Fuel is easily fed in through the top of the firetower.  No need to fiddle with hot doors.

Built for Burning, Built to Last

The firebowl and firetower sections of your LoFerno are fabricated from 1/4 inch solid steel plate for maximum durability.  The handles on the firetower and firebowl are 3/8 and 5/8 inch solid steel bar for strength.  The legs are 1/4 inch steel tube for stability.  Your LoFerno will develop a beautiful rustic patina with use and stand up to all of the elements you can throw at it.  While the paint may eventually burn off, unless you are always right by the ocean, rust will not compromise the strength or integrity of the steel for generations.  We would claim these will last 100 years easily, but our lawyers say we shouldn’t.

Your LoFerno will give you many decades of warmth and enjoyment. 
Loferno Fire Pits