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Glass Hearth Pads
Wood stove hearth pads are generally specified by the manufacturer of the stove. They will give minimum size and minimum R-value (resistance to heat flow) for the pad. Some stoves do not throw much heat downward or their fireboxes are higher off the floor, in which case they might only specify that the hearth pad just be non-combustible material (glass, steel or tile). Older stoves that have not been tested or listed, are subject to a whole different set of rules, outlined in a publication called NFPA 211. You can see a condensed version here. Whatever your situation, just ask us for help sorting all of this out for you.

Gas stoves can pretty much sit on anything other than carpet or linoleum, in fact in most situations, a hearth pad is not required. One reason you might consider using a hearth pad under a gas stove is for the overall effect; trying to mimic the way a wood burning stove would look, or maybe to get the stove higher off the floor with a raised hearth pad.
Morsø offers a wide selection of hearth plates in glass and in black powder-coated steel. The Morsø black and steel hearth plates are made from 2 mm high-quality steel with a non-gloss finish that matches Morsø stoves. The Morsø glass hearth plate is made with 8 mm clear glass that has a specially beveled edge to give the hearth plate an elegant and exclusive look. The steel square and rectangle plates have slighty rounded edges.
Please note that not all stoves can have a glass hearth pad.
Steel Hearth Pads

All hearth pads come standard trimmed with unfinished oak  Optional black painted steel frames available with the exception of the 24”x36” Wall pad, which comes trimmed in oak only.
Custom staining available for wood trim and custom painting available for steel trim.
Custom sizes and colors available.
24”x36” Wall 

36”x36” Wall

40”x40” Wall 

48”x48” Wall

54”x48” Wall
 36”x36” Corner

40”x40” Corner

48”x48” Corner

54”x54” Corner
Standard Sizes
 Ember King hearth mats are the strongest, most durable floor protection hearth mats available on the market today.

Our mats are designed to compliment any traditional or contemporary heating appliance. Our textured black powder coated finish is scratch resistant and the color will match up against any color stove. Visit wesite here.
Steel hearth pads can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any stove or decor. They can then be painted to match your stove. The nicest thing about a steel hearth pad is that their low profile makes them blend into the floor better, making it harder to stub your toe.
Please note that not all stoves can have a steel hearth pad.
AJ Manufacturing
AJ Manufacturing is your east coast source for premium-quality floor protectors (also known as hearth pads, hearth boards or stove boards). Our home hearth products are made with pride in Thompson, Connecticut. We offer a wide range of product options to fit every installation type. Visit website here.