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Gas Fireplace Efficiencies - What Do They Mean?
We sell gas fireplaces.  Sometimes these are referred to as zero clearance fireplaces.  This is the product you use when you want to create a fireplace when there currently is not one and you don’t want to or can’t provide a masonry footing.

Nearly all the gas fireplaces we sell employ direct vent technology.  They will not spill nor be a carbon monoxide source. Most of them are heater rated, and those that are decorative appliances are defiantly so. When you come to our showroom, we will direct you toward fireplaces with the appropriate BTU rating (from 15 to 25 BTU’s per square foot) for the size room in which you are installing.

Now you come to the hard part of the decision making process as none of these fireplaces are conveniently categorized. Are you looking for big heat, big flame, highest efficiency, best log set or no logs at all? Are you trying to fit in a room that is rustic and has a cabin sort of feel?  Are you looking for sleek lines and minimalist presentation?

As you look through the pictures below, realize that one fireplace might have as many as 40 different looks from a variety of faces, interior panels, or surround panels.  While we are not attempting to show you all of the combinations here, we do want you to see as many as possible here and hope this website can serve as an extension of our showroom. 

We hope to inspire you, if you are undecided as to what you want your fireplace to look like, or to show you many different settings, as one may be similar to your particular application. We have separated the fireplaces into three catagories; TraditionalContemporary and Multi-sided, but many of them crossover into several catagories. We also have manufacturers that will build Custom fireplaces for commercial projects. Be sure to check them all out.

We encourage you to come in to our showroom where you will get a much better perspective on size and looks, touches and feels.  Hope to see you soon.
Traditional Gas Fireplaces
Assessing the true efficiency of your future fireplaces can be very confusing. Gas fireplace manufacturers publish product efficiency ratings using several different test methods, including:
1 - Canadian P.4 Energuide
2 - US DOE AFUE (Annual Fuel Use Efficiency) | 
3 - Steady State

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