Fireplace Doors

Wilkening Fireplace Company manufactures three styles of fireplace doors: The Fullview™, The Supreme™ and The Ultimate Seal™. Traditional masonry fireplaces provide ample radiant heat while the fire is burning, but once the flames die down, so does the heat. These fireplace doors seal your home from the energy loss created by an open or poorly sealed chimney damper. Once the fire has died down to coals, simply close the doors and eliminate the flow of warm air up the flue. Stock size models are available for immediate shipment or we can customize your door to fit any opening size.
David Kimberly
Portland Willamette
Portland Willamette has been in the business of making fireplace doors for many of the industry's leading fireplace manufacturers for over 60 years. They offer the most styles and the most finishes of any door manufacturer. They have a Lifetime Warranty on the glass. Portland Willamette doors are made in the USA.
Cascade Coil Firescreens
Cascade Coil can custom fabricate a mesh to fit your fireplace. The high quality mesh curtain helps prevent sparks from damaging your carpet or hearth. And for even greater safety, an optional matching fender is available to help keep logs from accidentally rolling out of your fireplace.

Designed for both single sided and two sided fireplaces, we have complete kits to provide safety to your fireplace. Full 2" x 3/16" bars of solid brass, copper or steel are crafted into beautiful finishes protected by a full width galvanized backplate offering a wide adjustability range for mounting and mesh height positioning. Full range of options including corners, I-Beam construction, mesh pull accessories and various mesh weaves and finishes. Each of the components of the recessed mesh kits are also sold separately.
David Kimberly Door Company is the leader in the custom-built fireplace door industry. Using only the best materials available, our skilled craftsmen produce the most luxurious and finest fireplace door enclosures on the market. Each and every door is handmade to the exact specifications of the customer. We pride ourselves in the commitments we have to our customers and continually maintain the highest of quality standards. At David Kimberly Door Company, it’s not just a fireplace door, it’s a David Kimberly and it’s not just a business, it’s personal. 
Custom Manufactured Fireplace Mesh 
Complete Recessed Mesh Kits 
Replacement Mesh/Mini Mesh 
Fireplace Pull Sets 
... and more
Stoll Industries
The fireplace is one of the most enduring and desirable elements of the American home. Enhance the beauty and usefulness of any fireplace design and increase safety and efficiency with the installation of a quality Stoll Fireplace glass door.
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