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Flue Sentinel
The Chim-A-Lator® Deluxe easily mounts on top of a masonry fireplace flue and is operated by a convenient, adjustable regulator installed on the side wall of the fireplace. It is far more efficient than conventional cast iron dampers and the ideal replacement for old defective dampers. Proven for nearly 40 years to be the most trouble free top sealing damper.
In most states, manual dampers for fireplaces are now required by law to be removed or permanently locked in the open position. As a result of these regulations, homeowners have a large, permanent hole in their house, through which conditioned air (heated or cooled air) can escape. 

Flue Sentinel is the first and only electronic damper for gas log fireplaces. The automatic closure of the damper and innovative damper design can save up to 30 percent annually on home heating and air-conditioning costs. Flue Sentinel eliminates fireplace drafts, provides increased safety by assisting with proper airflow and combustion byproduct exhaust, and offers endless design and decor options for the hearth by eliminating the need for glass doors or glass panes to retain heat. 
Dalsin Chimney Caps
Draw Collar
The The Chim-A-Lator® line of Chimney Caps easily mounts to the top of a masonry fireplace with a simple screwdriver. They are available in both stainless steel and galvanized metal powder coated black with over 50 stock sizes to save you both time and money.

Top quality heavy gauge welded construction. Our premium stainless steel caps are made of 100% type 304 stainless steel for lifetime protection against rust and corrosion.
The galvanized cap is constructed of flat expanded galvanized metal screen and an 18 gauge frame, powder-coated with a protective, flat black finish to assure long lasting beauty.
Lifetime warranty. Our stainless models come with a lifetime warranty against rust and manufacturers defects. Galvanized models come with a 5 year warranty against rust through.
We stock over 50 sizes to fit all clay flue tiles - square, rectangle, oval, and round. This saves you time and money.
5/8" expanded metal available. California or local code requirements may require 5/8" screen.
Easily installed. Four or more screws secure cap to flue. 1/8" thick weld nuts are welded to the frame so screws do not strip out and go in straight. A screwdriver is all you need.
Full 8" high. Our caps are a full 8" in height. This minimizes flue restruction which may cause back smoking.
The Draw Collar replaces a 12 inch section of stove pipe and plugs into a standard 3-prong outlet. It literally can be installed within minutes. 

It uses 110V/500 watts to generate up to 400 degrees inside the flue to induce draw. It also prevents reverse draw when fire dies down. 

The Draw Collar has no moving parts, and is completely silent. 

It has a high temp satin black powder coat paint finish that blends into existing stove pipe. 

You'll never have to worry about smoke filling your house again.
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Enervex Chimney Fans offer the ultimate solution to smoky fireplaces or woodstoves. The Enervex Chimney Fan is mounted on top of the chimney, creating the perfect draft in the flue and ensuring a smoke-free environment. When the fireplace is not in use, the fan can also be used as a ventilator, eliminating stale air, cigarette smoke or pet odors from the room. The fan will also control dust during removal of ashes from the fireplace.
100% Stainless Steel
17 Standard Sizes
Lifetime warranty - best on the market today.
Saves energy. Tight seal on top of the chimney, keeps heat in when fireplace is not in use.
Keeps out animals, birds, insects, bees, rain, leaves, wind and airplane noise.